Christy Chow, Come, Run In Me 2

516 for TEACHERS

Bring contemporary art to your classroom in remote learning:

We offer virtual tours, activities, and workshops for students to be accessed in the safety of home.

Packets for Students and Educators (Spring 2021):

Presentation files:

PDF files ready to be downloaded with all the images in the exhibition, to be used for lectures, virtual tours, and other classroom needs. The files include captions and a short artist’s bio.

Afton Love: Perfect Union

Neal Ambrose-Smith: The (Tense) Present

Exhibition Brochures:

A downloadable publication that includes artists’ bio, as well as curatorial essays that help conceptualize the exhibitions.

Afton Love: Perfect Union Exhibition Brochure, with the essay “Sublime Formations: The Beauty and the Horror of Afton Love’s Desertscapes” Rebecca Ora/rora

Neal Ambrose-Smith: The (Tense) Present Exhibition Brochure, with an essay by curator Suzanne Newman Fricke, PhD

Gallery Labels:

Labels with all additional information regarding the artworks in the exhibition, great to use in conjunction with the presentation files.

Afton Love: Perfect Union labels

Neal Ambrose-Smith: The (Tense) Present labels

General learning resources for museum visits with students:

Students worksheet for the tour “Looking At Art - An Exercise in Critical Thinking”

How to read a label?