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516 for TEACHERS

Curricular materials for Cromática by Tania Candiani, on view February 8 - Ongoing:

A vocabulary of terms and concepts for Cromática, for both students to use and support teacher in working through some of the concepts of the exhibition.

A presentation file with information, images and label to be used for lessons.

The exhibition brochure, with the curator’s essay, to help educators in framing the concept of the project, as well as the wall labels to support understanding the artworks.

Class activities ideas and plans for Elementary and Middle School, that can be used both as pre or post visit activities. The activities can be modified and adapted for different age groups.

A simple activity to gain understanding of the basic structure of weaving, for Elementary School students.

A guided collage activity and discussion to offer Middle School students the opportunity to investigate the themes of Cromática.

Curricular materials for the Collage Animation initiative - Summer 2020:

A series of activities on collage and animation for different age groups can be found here.

General learning resources for museum visits with students:

Students worksheet for the tour.

How to read a label?