Christy Chow, Come, Run In Me 2

516 for TEACHERS

Free to access and download, we offer a selection of educational material to provide more information and tools for learning about our exhibitions. Our Education Manager is available to work with specific needs, please contact Viola at or call 505 242 1445.

Educational materials for our 2022 Summer Exhibitions:

A series of short artists’ talks and interviews with curators to learn more about the works in the exhibition​ from the protagonists’ voices.

​Study packet and presentation file that includes installation images, artists’ bios, and information about the works.

​A companion website offering in-depth explorations and reflections on the themes and stories the artists worked with, including historical images from the archive. All materials are researched and compiled by curator Ric Kasini Kadour.

Our Educational Team is also available to propose activities and curricula in dialogue with educators and fully customized to the learners’ age, interests, and needs. To inquire: