Eric-Paul Riege - Performance

Friday, August 19, 2022 3pm – 8pm

516 ARTS presents a performance by Eric-Paul Riege on Friday, August 19, from 3-8pm. Riege (Diné) is an interdisciplinary artist whose work (jaatłoh4Ye’iitsoh [9–10])(to/too coccoonz) is currently on display in the exhibition “Art Meets History: Technologies of the Spirit.” Riege is a multi-media artist whose work includes weaving, installation, collage, digital media, and performance. These works express his philosophies and cosmologies of sanctuary, peace, and interconnection with all the elements of the world around him. They are informed by hózhó, the Diné philosophy that, Riege says, “encompasses beauty, balance, and goodness in all things physical and spiritual and its bearing on everyday experience.”

His various approaches to art-making, the soft sculpture, the wearable regalia, come together in his durational performances. For Riege, this too is a form of weaving. “I call everything I do weaving,” he says. In a profile of the artist in Art in America earllier this year, Ellie Duke write, “All the elements — the materials, the performance, the audience, as well as the ancestors and rituals that inform his practice — are woven together.”

Art Meets History: Technologies of the Spirit is co-curated by Ric Kasini Kadour and Alicia Inez Guzmán, and is on display through September 3.