Ted Laredo, room (installation view), 2009, phosphorescent acrylic, canvas, wood, aluminum, black lights and timer, 88 x 101 x 85.5 inches, photo: Ted Laredo

Equation: a balanced state?

August 1, 2009 – September 19, 2009

August 1–September 19, 2009

A program for LAND/ART - A collaborative project exploring land-based art in New Mexico, Equation: a balanced state? was an exhibition of site specific installations by artists Katherine E. Bash, Paula Castillo, Ted Laredo, David Niec and Mayumi Nishida, reflecting a world where the environment is as much about ourselves and our creations as the natural world with which we struggle to strike a balance. The exhibition included digitally simulated waterfalls, built environments that glowed in the dark, and explorations of the division between day and night in the natural environment as observed in the night sky of New Mexico. Science, technology and the study of climate and land usage played an important role in the research and development of these art projects. Curated by Thomas and Edite Cates of THE LAND/an art site. Artists: Katherine E. Bash, Paula Castillo, David Niec, Mayumi Nishida, and Ted Laredo