Chad Person, SAML, 2007, US Currency on Canvas, 13 in x 19 inches

Attention to Detail

May 26, 2007 – July 21, 2007

May 26–July 21, 2007

516 ARTS presented a group exhibition, inspired by Patrick Nagatani’s attention to the “Zen of material and process,” featuring 12 artists using alternative, inexpensive materials in an obsessive, time-consuming and complex manner, and working in photography, collage, drawing, painting, prints and sculpture. Nagatani says, “I relish the focus on details and to be lost in the quiet and minute parts of the whole…” Artists from New Mexico and across the nation were Nick Abdalla, Todd Anderson, Charles Benefiel, Carol Chase Bjerke, Thomas Barrow, Krista Charles, Teo Gonzales, Carlos Quinto Kemm, Leigh Anne Langwell, Chad Person, Aurora Robson and Heather Willems. The exhibition celebrated the transformative and healing process involved in these artists’ obsessive approaches to their work and the beauty of their meditative achievements.