A Radiant Revolution III, II, and I, 2018, 9ft X 5ft each, Stephanie J. Woods

Artists as Knowledge Carriers

February 4, 2023 – May 6, 2023

Opening reception – Saturday, February 4, 6–8pm. Member Preview: 5-6pm (Not a member? Join at 516arts.org/join)

Collaboration exhibition brochure: English & Spanish


516 ARTS announces our first exhibition of 2023, Artists as Knowledge Carriers, which features the work of New Mexico artists who are mentors of a new generation of artists. As art professors in higher education – including New Mexico State University (NMSU), the University of New Mexico (UNM), Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA), and Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) – these artists are guiding emerging artists into the future. Their role is essential in cultivating critical and informed intellects in the realms of contemporary art and global culture. This exhibition looks at the artistic production of the mentors themselves, whose practices reveal their own unique visions, rigor, and dedication to their craft, including photography, sculpture, painting, film, and textile art. Artists include: Jamison Chās Banks (Seneca-Cayuga), Stefan Jennings Batista, Craig Cully, Marcella (Kwe) Ernest (Ojibwe), Welly Fletcher, Motoko Furuhashi, Mayumi Nishida, Jazmin Novak (Diné), Daisy Quezada UreñaJim Rivera (Yoeme/Pascua Yaqui), Carissa Samaniego, Will Wilson (Diné), and Stephanie J. Woods.

Curator Rachelle Pablo says “In the rapidly shifting era of the pandemic and social justice reckoning, art professors’ commitment to their students remains strong. Their teaching spans artistic methodologies, cultural discernment, and a variety of skills to navigate the art world and creative economy.” Artists as Knowledge Carriers is curated by 516 ARTS Curator Rachelle B. Pablo (Diné) with input from curatorial consultant Leslie Moody Castro. It is presented in conjunction with Together Through as Within at New Mexico State University Art Museum (January 20 - March 12, 2023), which focuses on NMSU Department of Art faculty and is curated by Mexico City based Leslie Moody Castro. That exhibition features the work of Christopher Barday, Tauna Cole, Craig Cully, Brita d’Agostino, Maggie Day, Jeffrey Erwin, Motoko Furuhashi, Michelle Haberl, Carissa Samaniego, Rebecca Smith, Bree Lamb/Muscle Memory + Joshua Clark/Muscle Memory. Learn more at uam.nmsu.edu

This collaborative exhibition between NMSU Art Museum and 516 ARTS and public program described below at SITESanta Fe are part of Desierto Mountain Time, a constellation of contemporary arts organizations in the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico drawn together by our shared interest in making meaningful connections between local and international communities. Together, we are offering thematic programs with artists, educators, curators, activists, and arts administrators whose dynamic practices integrate cross-border, regional, and global issues. Learn more at DesiertoMountainTime.org



Thursday, March 23, 6pm at 516 ARTS in-person & live-streamed


Teaching between Generations & Cultures

part of Desierto Mountain Time

Join artists-educators from colleges across the state for a conversation moderated by 516 ARTS Program Director Viola Arduini exploring the multiplicities of teaching and learning across generations, cultures, and disciplines. Jazmin Novak (Diné, Art Studio, IAIA), Carissa Samaniego (Art Studio, NMSU), James Rivera (Yaqui, Art Studio, IAIA), and Marcella Ernest (Ojibwe, Art History, UNM), will share their experiences and perspectives on what unique connections can be built between learners and teachers, and what is shared in the cross-pollination that nourishes the next generations of artists.

Free. Register: Online + In-person



Sunday, April 2, 4pm at SITE Santa Fe in-person & live-streamed


Radical Expansion: A Civic Dialogue Through Art and Education

part of Desierto Mountain Time

Join Desierto Mountain Time partners with regional artists and art educators for a discussion about the radical expansion of the concept of civic dialogue that is taking place through the practices of contemporary art and community-based education in our region. Free.



Sunday, April 16, 3pm at 516 ARTS in-person & live-streamed


From Decimas to Spoken Word

co-presented by AfroMundo Collective & 516 ARTS

Peru’s Santa Cruz family drew attention to the plight of Afro Peruvians via decimas—a poetic tradition popular throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Following an English subtitled, 3 min video of Victoria Santa Cruz reciting “Me Llamaron Negra,” poet, literary critic and UNM Professor Dr. Eleuterio Santiago Díaz will discuss decimas and other poetics traditionally employed throughout the Americas in service of social causes. Brazilian poets Mel & Guellwaar Adún will read original poems. To intergenerationally bridge Spanish, Portuguese and English language spoken word traditions, three local youth poets – Monica Aguilar, J. Gourdin, and Leandro Pita – will perform original poems.


Workshops for artists at gallupARTS, part of 516 ARTS’ Indigenous Art Program, and Artist Residency with Margarida Paz- Pedro (Santa Clara Pueblo) at Albuquerque High School. Learn more at 516arts.org/education