Cross Pollination

Daisy Patton

August 19 - November 11, 2017

516 ARTS presents Cross Pollination, a group exhibition showcasing work at the intersection of art and science that focuses on bees and other pollinators. About 35 percent of the world’s food crops and 75 percent of the flowering plants depend on pollinators to reproduce. Pollinators, including bees, moths and butterflies and birds, have become increasingly threatened by human action. With this knowledge, artists have responded to the issue by working with and for pollinators to raise awareness about their profound benefits to life on earth. Curated by artist/backyard beekeeper Valerie Roybal, Cross Pollination not only refers to how bees and other insects pollinate a large portion of the world’s food, but also to the cross pollination of ideas in art and science. The exhibition includes local, national and international artists working in painting, photography, printmaking, sculpture, installation, film/video, performance, and more.


Jennifer Angus (Wisconsin)                                                             
Steve Barry (New Mexico)                                                               
Susanna Carlisle & Bruce Hamilton (New Mexico)                     
Chris Collins (New Mexico)                                                             
Kristin Diener (New Mexico)                                                            
Aganetha Dyck & Richard Dyck (Canada)                                           
Kelly Eckel (New Mexico)                                                                  
Jo Golesworthy (United Kingdom)                                                 
Lily Hunter Green (United Kingdom)
Talia Greene (Pennsylvania) 
Mary Judge (New York)
Stephanie Lerma (New Mexico)
Hilary Lorenz (New York & New Mexico)
Pastel (Argentina)    
Daisy Patton (Colorado)
Jessica Rath & Robert Hoehn (California)
Ren Ri (China)
Bryan Konefsky/Basement Films    


Public programs for Cross Pollination start in June and July and run through the fall. They include public forums, artist talks, workshops, hands-on art/science activities, educational tours and more to be announced. Program partners around the city include The City of Albuquerque Open Space, the National Hispanic Cultural Center and Albuquerque Beekeepers Association.

Botanical Mural Project
Exhibition artist Pastel (Argentina) painted two murals in Downtown Albuquerque on the Tower Building and the Sanitary Tortilla Factory in March, 2017 as a preview for the Cross Pollination exhibition. The murals depict local, native plants on which bees and other pollinators depend.

Bee Market Pop-Up Shop
516 ARTS will host a pop-up shop August 19 – December 15, featuring bee and pollinator related products and gifts including specialty small batches of local honey, T-shirts, jewelry, bee houses and an array of goods and ne crafts. A portion of the proceeds bene t the nonpro t 516 ARTS.

Catering generously provided by the Artichoke Cafe.

Image: Aganetha Dyck & Richard Dyck, Hive Scan 13 (detail), 2001-2003 

  • Southwestern US wild bee species, image courtesy of the USGS Bee Survey
  • Daisy Patton, Untitled (The Gardener), oil on archival print mounted to panel, 80x102 inches
  • Talia Greene, Colony, Bostwick (detail), archival pigment print, 12x9 in
  • Susanna Carlisle & Bruce Hamilton, Vanishing II, (detail), video installation
  • Jessica Rath & Robert Hoehn, Resonant Nest, sound, polyester resin, fiberglass, electronics
  • Chris Collins
  • Ren Ri, China, Yuansu VII, Beehand V2, video still
  • Stephanie Lerma, Sanctuary (detail), handmade paper, watercolor, branches