Photo by Adolphe Pierre-Louis

Peter Glidden and New Mexico Youth Artists

100 Gold Ave SW

Windows of Youth displays powerful artwork created by New Mexican youth artists over the past year experiencing a world-wide pandemic and country-wide unrest. How do these young artists project feelings and emotions of an unclear future through their work? What are some of the challenges and changes they are confronting? How do they express themselves artistically during uncertainty? In what ways are youth being empowered to create at home or in new spaces? How do ideas and lessons from the past inspire or speak about their future? These are questions to consider while engaging with this youth-centered window exhibit. This exhibit is arranged by a local Visual Arts teacher in Albuquerque who was inspired by the work of his students and colleague’s students over the past several months. The exhibit is a compilation of artwork, from various youth artists throughout Albuquerque and New Mexico. It provides the public with a chance to see engaging artwork represented from our youngest and most diverse generation coping with the uncertainty of their futures, and the unique way they present creative thoughts and ideas during this time. 

Youth Artists:

• Lauren Reddington, Grants High School, Grants, NM
• Carly Jarocki, Albuquerque Academy
• Lavina Gray, New Mexico School for the Arts, Santa Fe, NM
• Nia Johnson, Albuquerque Academy
• Aelma Azad, Los Alamos High School, Los Alamos, NM
• Vanessa Villegas, Albuquerque Academy
• Emily Li, United World College, Montezuma, NM
• Amelia Johnson, Albuquerque Academy
• Nora Rich, Media Arts Collaborative Charter School, Albuquerque, NM
• Sammy Yassin, Albuquerque Academy
• Taylor Baca, Grants High School, Grants, NM
• Sekai Berry, Albuquerque Academy

Exhibit curated by Peter Glidden, Algodones, NM