Red Rocks, Jemez Pueblo, photo by Roger Fragua

SOLD OUT: Indigenous Knowledge Walk at Jemez Pueblo

Saturday, October 26, 2019 10am – 1pm

SOLD OUT October 26, 10am-1pm

$35 / $30 for members

Take a trip to Jemez Pueblo and experience a walk through the Red Rocks to the river and a traditional lunch with Brophy Toledo, who is a Cultural Leader serving the Pueblo of Jemez for over four decades. The Red Rocks is generally known as a large escarpment of rock that towers nearly 50 feet and casts a wide shadow. The area consists of low impact trails that are easily walked by hikers of all levels. The tour guide, Joseph “Brophy” Toledo is a Cultural Leader and has an international reputation of a consummate teacher. Brophy has led many dignitaries and heads of State from all across the world on tours as well as people ranging from very young to seniors. The teachings go beyond the cultural aspects of the landscapes into the universe above, under day and night skies, and to the subterranean and ground level fauna and flora. The tour––which includes discussion of winged, finned, and four-legged beings, and a diversity of plant life––is interactive and full of both serious and lighthearted conversational teachings. Water, snacks and other amenities are located at the Wallatowa Convenience Store just a short walk away.