Bee Hotel for Wild Bees and Native Pollinators

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City of Albuqueruqe Open Space
6500 Coors NW, Albuquerque


In conjunction with 516 ARTS' Cross Pollination exhibition, artists Sheri Crider and Valerie Roybal, along with many volunteers, have built a Bee Hotel which is permanently installed at the City of Albuquerque Open Space Visitor Center near the Perennial Marsh. Both a sculpture and a functional object, the Bee Hotel provides housing for wild solitary bees and other native pollinators, and educates visitors about these important insect populations. 

There are hundreds of wild bee species in New Mexico. These species not only pollinate wildflowers, shrubs, and trees, but also edible plants, fruits, and vegetables from local farms and backyard gardens. Insect hotels like this one provide safe lodging for pollinators, especially during the winter, when populations can die due to weather and exposure. 

This project is in Conjunction with Cross Pollination, an exhibition at 516 ARTS August 19- October 28, 2017

The Bee Hotel is made possible by City of Albuquerque Open Space.