21st Century Cyphers

 John Phillip Abbott Datsun

May 12 - July 7

21st Century Cyphers is a group exhibition that that brings together visual artists who are exploring the representation and abstraction of contemporary language structures–both written and spoken–through translation/mistranslations, abbreviated means of communication (symbols, glyphs) and visually coded ways to represent and convey information. Using a variety of processes that include painting, sculpture, technology and new media, installation, and sound, the corresponding works on view in this exhibition highlight language itself as diverse medium being explored, dissected and reframed to reflect the nuances of communication in the 21st century. With works ranging from more seemingly straightforward stylistic exercises that use letters, words, and language as the basis for literal compositional structure, artists are also embracing more advanced research and technological methods to addresses complex social perceptions associated with written and spoken language. Like any cultural practice that undergoes evolutionary pressures as a result of external forces, this exhibition also considers technology’s effect on linguistic patterns and the ways in which we express ourselves in the ever-expanding universe of the contemporary lexicon. Participating artists include John Phillip Abbott, Gina Adams, Bart Exposito, Asuka Goto, Sky Hopinka, Nina Katchadourian, Karla Knight, Matt Magee, Hayal Pozanti, Walter Robinson and Joel Swanson. 

Image: John Phillip Abbott, Datsun, 2017, acrylic and spraypaint on canvas, 66 x 62 inches