The ‘T’ House Talk & ‘T Bar’

at Farm & Table Restaurant

On October 27, the public was invited to a talk with BioCultura artists, to taste tea blends from various plants and explore the multi-media ‘T’ House. The ‘T’ House welcomed special guests Giko David Rubin and Kathryne Cyman. The ‘T’ House was activated and tea sharing began at 6:00pm, and the talks began at 6:30pm.

Giko David Rubin lives, practices, and teaches Zen in Albuquerque New Mexico. He is a co-founder of Mountain Mahogany Community Charter School. He also grows ginger and turmeric and will share a special tea of these local tastes with visitors When creating, studying and teaching within the 400 year-old Arita process, Kathryne Cyman is guided by the nature of the clay and its connection to the past. Yet she is inspired by the shape of land and color of the light in New Mexico to create porcelain that re ects a present aesthetic.

Inspired by a traditional teahouse, The ‘T’ House provides a physical, virtual and radio ‘platform’ for the performance, discussion and experience of the complex symbiotic relationships of humans and plants in and around Albuquerque, New Mexico and beyond. BioCultura artist Andrea Polli and architectural designer John Donalds imagine a future in which architectural systems are microbial and function in ways similar to mechanisms within a living tea plant. Codifed during the Edo period when Japan closed itself off from the outside world, a traditional Japanese teahouse was an example of extreme sustainability, a system in which all materials were re-used and waste was very limited.

This event was free and open to the public.

Special thanks to Cherie Montoya and the Farm & Table extended network of growers and artisans. Andrea Polli, The ‘T’ House at Ideaxfactory, Springfield, Missouri, 2014